Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's been just crazy busy here on the frazzled farm! Chad has sprayed many of the acres that have been planted and is finishing up planting the corn as I type this. He has a few acres to plant for a neighbor but will hopefully get that planted tomorrow. I couldn't even tell you how many bags of corn I have lifted this year....usually Chad and I both do it but has had to have someone chase him around and fill the planter for him because of the shoulder. I am so happy that Jeremy is now here full-time to help out, he finished his his first year of college last week.

We are going to get started planting the soybeans today....hopefully the weather holds out. Not quite as many acres of soybeans to plant as corn acres but still plenty.

We haven't had time to get around the pastures yet and fix fences that need it but really need to find time to get that done....the cows really need to get moved to pasture. We are going through tons of hay right now.

I did make it to Courtney's track meet this week. She did very well at discus and her relays but is struggling in shot put, her usual strong event. Hopefully she can figure out what the problem is and do better at the next meet. As much as I hate to see her struggle at anything, I think it's a good life lesson.

Well, I can hear the pigs calling my name........

Hopefully I can find time to catch up with you all....sorry, I have been really bad at this blogging in the last few months.


Amanda said...

Alex finishes school next Thursday so I’ll send him out to the farm to work as well!! LOL – poor Chad would run fast and far if he saw my little city boy walking out to the farm!! Good luck getting everything done and hopefully Courtney works out her shot put – It’s so incredibly frustrating when an event you know you’re strong in goes south

Sharon said...

I hope that you will soon have a few minutes to yourself. It does sound like you are extremely busy.
Hope the Courtney gets her best sport worked out.I think sometimes they need to step back and see what the problem is. Maybe is tries to hard and don't let it come naturally to her.
God Bless

Susan said...

Glad to know Chad is now able to help some too. I know he must be!!!

Joyce said...

Don't worry about getting around I know how busy you must be. We got a lot more rain yesterday so 10 more days until we can do any field work. Take it easy when you can.

Love and Hugs,

Tracy said...

Jeremy is already done with a year of college?? WOW...where does the time go????

You take care of yourself and don't wear yourself out!!!

Farmchick said...

Just think how well defined your muscles will be from all the lifting of the corn! :) We have yet to do any planting..... Have a sweet Sunday...hope you can stop in for a visit soon.

Lori said...

Good luck getting all of your crops planted. I'm sure it is a crazy time of year for you.