Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring Work

We are busy with spring planting. In between rain showers, we have been workin' away at it. Chad is able to plant which makes him a happy man but he still needs help filling the planter, still can't lift much weight with the shoulder yet. We have over half of our corn acres if the weather would hold out so we could get the rest of the corn in and move on to the soybeans!

I still don't have my garden planted...hoping to get that done this week. I bought the plants this weekend and the seeds awhile ago but the garden is in a low spot so I need to get it dried out and tilled before I can plant.

This week I suppose we will have to get at fencing. All the pastures need to be gone around and any bad spots fixed so we can get the cows and calved moved to pasture. That's always a long and tiring job, pairing them all up and getting them hauled.


Sharon said...

So happy to hear the Chad can do a little something again.
We have been having rain everyday too,but we really did need it.I need to get my garden in this week to but I need it to dry a little more.
If our weather man don't change the forecast it sounds like this weekend will be ideal for garden work.
God bless

Tracy said...

Busy...busy...Frazzled Farm Wife is always busy!!

Did you have fun last night???

Just Mom said...

I haven't even started with the planting thing here in my little flower beds. I can't even imagine the amount of work you'll be doing.

Michelle said...

No wonder I haven't heard much from you lately!

Joyce said...

I am so glad you are so far into planting and so glad Chad can get out there and run the planter. If we don't get rain Hubby will start planting.

Love and Hugs,

Crystal said...

Good luck with all the spring work! DH was pounding in new posts to repair some sections of our perimeter fence today. Cattle for summer grazing are coming on the weekend. And how great to have Jeremy home again - I remember what a relief it is to have the help of a son!

Jodi said...

Yay - spring work! I love it, but I hate it --- go figure!