Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dog Show

Yesterday was the 4-H Achievement Day Dog Show.

Courtney did very good with her dog Madyson even though Madyson did not cooperate very well in the obedience part of the show. Madyson nailed the long down (laying down for 3 minutes, 6 ft from Courtney and staying while she returns to her) but was a little hyper through the rest of that part of the show. She got a blue ribbon in Obedience but pulled off purple ribbons in Rally and Showmanship.

Maggie and our niece Kennedy and Courtney and Madyson

I had to show you 2 of the dogs paying attention and one of the girls paying attention.


This year they had enough dogs and kids to do a team entry. Here are a few pictures of the team showing.

Denise, niece Kassidy and her dog Karlie, Davita and nephew Nolan and his dog Chips

It was a pretty good sized show this year with 15 dogs. It was a LONG, HOT day, but was fun to see all the kids show their dogs that have worked so hard this summer getting them ready.


Sarah said...

Go git them cows Madyson!

Susan said...

It amazes me how very many activities you guys are involved in and do it all so well :o)

Sharon said...

Those were great photos of the dog show.
Congrats to Madyson and Courtney.
Have a great weekend.