Friday, March 26, 2010

Night Ranger

Night Ranger

Two of my best friends from high school and I are going to see Night Ranger in concert Saturday night....YIPPEE!
Jodi and I are going to meet at Michelle's in Minnesota tonight and spend the night with her family. Tomorrow morning we will travel to northern Minnesota together for the concert and will spend the night there. Girls night out!!!!!! We will return home Sunday....after a VERY LONG drive.
I am excited for some girl time and to spend the weekend with some very good friends!


Sarah said...

Pack the denim wash jeans and matching jean jacket! ha! Have fun and stay out of trouble!!

Sharon said...

Have a safe trip but have lots of fun.
Girl time is fun so do enjoy, but stay safe.

Tracy said...

I saw Night Ranger in Sioux Falls with Journey. Very fun!!!

Have a GREAT time!!!

Joyce said...

Have a great time with your friends. Have a safe trip and have some good laughs.

Love and Hugs,

Rising Rainbow said...

Hope you enjoyed your concert. Sounds like a fun time.

SAH in Suburbia said...

What fun!!!