Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nothing much going on here on the "Frazzled Farm".
Now that basketball is done, our evenings are spent at home. We have been playing Mario Kart and Super Mario Bros.! Never thought I would hear myself say this but we have had SO MUCH FUN playing video games with each other. I am terrible at them and come in last most of the time but I am ok with that, at least we are hanging out together. Chad and Courtney are pretty competitive with each other and it makes me chuckle every time they are fighting each other for 1st place.
Courtney has a part in the school play this year (she has always done make-up in the past). That is coming up in April, along with Prom and Shooting Sports state match. They will start having late practices and she started Track this week so we won't be spending as much time together now but it was fun while it lasted.
We have not started calving yet but are expecting calves very soon....then it will get crazy around here again and back to a "Frazzled Farm"!


Sarah said...

LOVE Mario Cart! I hope it's as nice there as it is here.

Sharon said...

I enjoy watching the family play their Wii fit. It is nice to see a family have time to be together in this busy world. I am like you I don't do well with the video games, but it is fun trying.

Tracy said...

Playing the Wii is SUPER FUN!! I always come in last place too! :(

Brenda said...

Nice to take advantage of 'down' time, I'll bet, especially in your line of work!

Rising Rainbow said...

spring always causes the frazzles around here as well. Love those babies though.