Thursday, June 10, 2010


We had a couple of days with a few hours to spare so we took the kids fishing.

We took Courtney's best friend Tayler (who is like a daughter to us) along with on our fishing expedition. She did not have a license so she was the official "net girl". She would run the net when we caught one and was determined to take them off the hook too. Here is a picture of Chad helping her get one off the hook.

Here is Tayler with her first fish taken off the hook. She was so proud of herself.

Here is how Courtney spends most of her time fishing....trying to get her line out of the tree.

Here she is standing a the front of the boat while Chad tries to get her close enough to get the lure out of the tree. One thing is for sure, ever since Courtney was little, there has never been a dull day of fishing for us.

We are hoping to have a few more hours spare because Chad loves to go fishing and it is so nice to get off the farm and be together as a family.


Susan said...

Fun times. Glad you got a little time off from all your hard work.

Anonymous said...


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