Sunday, June 13, 2010


We are getting some itty bitty pigs in tomorrow. We usually get them in at 40# but are trying the wean (around 14#) to finish option this group. It has been a little extra work getting the barns ready for smaller pigs but that's where the industry is going so we are giving it a "trial run" before signing any new contracts. It's been so long since we have had pigs that small around here but I do remember how cute they can be. I will try to take some pictures to post.

Lets see....other things going on around here:

Crops are planted and the corn is sprayed. Working on getting the beans sprayed if it would ever stop raining.


Started cutting the hay but once again, the rain has been ongoing.


Courtney has orientation tomorrow for college and needs at least one parent along. She will learn about the classes she needs to be taking, financial aid, food plans, dorm life, etc. I am hoping we will be done in time to get home and help get the pigs in.


Jeremy took a short trip to the cities with our seed reps (thanks Win and Wayne) and a few other farmers. They went to a Twins game and then toured a Syngenta place. Jeremy had a great time and he really needed to get away, he has been working really hard for us lately!


Most of the cows have been hauled to pasture. Still have a few more to haul and would like to buy a few more pair yet too but haven't had time to hit the sale barns.


I am still working as a waitress and helping out on the farm. It gets really hectic at times and I don't know if I can keep doing both but for the time being I am going keep trying.


Courtney got a job in town at the local Cenex and loves it! She isn't around to help on the farm as much which has put a strain on the rest of us but her heart just isn't in the farm and we know that.


Well, until next time.....take care!


Cheryl said...

Girl, I don't know how you do it all! ALways hear life on a farm was busy. Just you some rest time worked in somewhere.

nickernoodle said...

You forgot to mention that your sister in law won the republican vote to challenge SHS!!! ;o) Had a great time on the bus and getting to visit with you guys!!! I bet the pigs will be so cute! I love piglets and how small they are!!!

Joyce said...

Looks like you have been busy. Around our area we have one or two hog men who raise those little pigs. A lot of work to give shots and to make sure they stay healthy.

We are done planting and Hubby is spraying the fences to put hot wire up.

Have a good summer.

Tracy said...

Been crazy busy around here as well. Sounds like things are going good for you although busy. Good luck to Courtney!! Have a great day!!!

SAH in Suburbia said...

Fabulous update. You've got a lot going on these days - as usual! Always nice to see what's happening on your farm.

Farmchick said...

Ohhhh....your piggies are sooo cute. :) Busy here too...and lots of rain too...come visit me!