Monday, September 13, 2010

State Dog Show

I finally got my pictures downloaded from the State Dog Show held several weekends ago.
Courtney and Madyson and Nolan and Chips in the ring for TEAM. Team consists of 4 kids with their 4 dogs doing synchronized tasks.

My niece Kennedy showing Maggie in OBEDIENCE.

A friend's daughter Chloe showing her dog Tinkerbell in RALLY.

Courtney showing Madyson in SHOWMANSHIP.

Nolan showing Chips in SHOWMANSHIP.

Dylan and Cooper, Courtney and Madyson and Nolan and Chips during TEAM. Not pictured is Ryder and Tess, also part of the team.

Courtney and Madyson (can you tell she loves her dog and her dog adores her).

Courtney showing Madyson in RALLY.
It was once again a very long, hot day (not as hot as the county show though, thank goodness).
It was a new experience for us and Courtney had fun showing her dog at the State Show. She ended up with blues in TEAM, RALLY, and SHOWMANSHIP and a purple in OBEDIENCE.


Midlife Mom said...

Congratulations to all of those who participated in the show and won a ribbon! It's a lot of work getting a dog ready for a show. Easier to transport then horses though, we always used to kid about that when we were hauling horses to shows, why couldn't we have shown dogs!! :o)

Sharon said...

Congrats to Courtney and her dog.
They sure do make a great team.
I like you new look also.
Have a great day

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Congrats -- great job.... a purple in this neck of the woods is grand as well as I'm sure it is there! Dog show - brought back many memories.... my kids both use to show in 4-H.