Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Empty Nest

Both of my kids are now at college.
Chad and I are officially "empty-nesters"!
So how has it been?
So far I haven't noticed a huge difference, only that they do NOT come home at night. They were at the age where they were out working or doing their own thing but managed to come home some time during the night, anywhere between 10pm and 3am *yawn* to sleep. I don't think is has totally hit me yet, when it does, I am afraid it is going to hit hard! So in the meantime, Chad and I continue to farm and enjoy each other.
*Courtney is having a hard time adjusting to college life as I am sure most freshmen do. I hear from her often via phone calls and texts (several a day). So, I am trying to enjoy those moments as I know some day I will not hear from her very much at all!*


Susan said...

Boy her last year went FAST!!!

Nezzy said...

Oh baby let me tell ya from an old gal...they come back and bring friends then mates than grandkiddos and all the sudden your house is too small 'cause it's bustin' at the seams. Cheer up...it'll get better! :o)

God bless ya and have a glorious day!!!

Crystal said...

It really does change things at home when the kids are gone. We made lots of changes about 2 years after the last one left, especially on a dairy farm when our help all disappeared :) Hope fall is progressing well for you. It's been awful here - rain, rain, rain and now frost and snow are predicted for the next 2 days!

Anonymous said...

You are way too young to be empty-nesters already! I hope things get better for Courtney at college. Sounds like she's been sick since she got there!
One L

Sharon said...

I do hope that things will get better for Courtney. Does she go to the same college as her brother?
It will be a change for everyone but it will get better for you.
Hope all the farming is going well.

Tracy said...

Thinking of you...

Vickie said...

Hey, My daughter went off to college this year also. I still have the 2 boys at home but her leaving has been hard. She is coming home tonight... YIPPEEEE She has adjusted well but then again she has a lot of friends there so that made it easier for her. It seems funny with only the two boys at home. One is in the 11th grade and is trying to decide which college he wants to go to. But the other is only in the 3rd grade so we have a long time yet. But it does seem funny our large family is dwindling down from 8 of us to now 4 of us. Take Care :)