Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We were able to take a vacation in August.

We didn't think we were going to get it done but we squeezed it in.

We went to the Black Hills (again). My mom lives out there so we visited her and got some site-seeing in too.

Family picture taken in Deadwood at Woody's Wild West.

Very fun experience!

We brought Jeremy's girlfriend Stephanie along with us. We left the day of her birthday so we grabbed some birthday cupcakes along the way to celebrate her birthday.

Jeremy and Stephanie rode the 1880 train from Hill City to Keystone.

Courtney, Stephanie and Jeremy enjoying ice cream in Deadwood.

Chad and me taking a break to have dinner in Deadwood.

Courtney...real impressed that I am taking her picture!

Stephanie and Jeremy


TCavanaugh said...

The vacation looks like it was a lot of fun...congrats for fitting it in! I miss the Black Hills...

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

I love the Black Hills - and to vacation there is so much fun.... Your previous post "jobless" -- no way farming is a full time job! Have a great Wednesday!

Cheryl said...

Glad you were about to get away. Looks like every one had a good time!

Farmchick said...

We were in the Black Hills this summer too --in July.

Hope things are going well for you! :) Come on over and say HI!

Midlife Mom said...

Love your vacation pictures! The western one is great!! We did that a couple of times and they are some of my favorite pics. Usually when we went on vacation we took several of Son's friends along too. A few times it was three or four!!! What fun though, I miss those days. Glad you are doing okay with the empty nest, once you get used to it it's not bad, the house stays much cleaner and there is less laundry! ha!

Crystal said...

I love that family picture!! So glad you guys were able to spend a little time together away from all the work. Those are precious times when you have college age kids.

How is harvest going? We are so, so late here! Barely anything is combined and everything is so wet. It's very depressing for everyone. Hope things are better for you guys!

Joyce said...

Oh, how I would love to take a vacation in the Black Hills. Your pictures are great and all of you look like you had a great time. Some corn and beans have been harvested, but we have not started yet.

Love and Hugs,