Thursday, March 17, 2011

Road Trip

We took a road trip this last weekend to the western part of the state.

We started out in Deadwood and spent the night there Thursday night. Hubby has always wanted to play blackjack at the tables but has never felt comfortable enough. There were so very few people there on Friday morning that we both tried for the first time. Our son was playing too.....he was giving us pointers (does anyone else find that weird?). I enjoyed a few very good bloody mary's while playing black jack that morning! Ahhh...gotta love a mini vacation.

We headed to my moms just outside of Rapid City late Friday afternoon. We enjoyed the evening with her, my stepdad and my brother and future sister-in-law. My hubby talked mom into letting him paint her entryway, hallway and bathroom that she wanted painted so Saturday morning we all headed to Lowes to pick out paint. My mom and Stephanie (Jeremy's girlfriend) and I did a little shopping while Chad headed back to the house to paint. Chad finished up painting the second coat on Sunday and we headed back home.
Was nice to get away before it gets busy here with calving and spring planting!


Sharon said...

How wonderful that you got to go on a road trip.
I am going to SD this weekend to visit with my mom and brother.
I hope that the weather will stay nice.
How wonderful of your hubs to paint for your mom. I am sure she will enjoy it.
Have a happy St Patty day.

Farmchick said...

Sounds wonderful.....I love Deadwood...I once won a lot of money there at Blackjack....but was too stubborn to quit while I was ahead.......need I say more? ;)

Please tell your hubby he can come and talk me into letting him finish painting here. :)