Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We have had some flooding in our area with all the snow that we have had this winter finally melting.
The creek runs right behind our barn.
We usually drive through the creek to get the the cows to feed them but cannot get the tractors through because of the flooding. So....we are driving the tractors to the half mile line and around. Takes quite a bit more time and requires both of us so it has been an interesting few days for this frazzled farm wife!

The road South of our house we drive on to get to the cows.

The water (and ice) rushing to the culverts under the road south of us.

We are hoping for some nice sunny days to dry some of this "mess" up!


Farmchick said...

Good luck.......hope things don't get too bad this spring. I am not looking forward to that - we just got 10 more inches of snow. :(

Come say hi!!

Tracy said...

Thinking of you!!!

Joyce said...

Been wondering how you have been doing. We saw some of the flooding on the news. I am glad you are making do.

Love and Hugs,

Rising Rainbow said...

We've had some flooding here this winter. It does make everything harder. Hope you have some dry weather so the water has somewhere to go.

Jodi said...


Michelle said...

You need to update with new pics.