Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The cows started calving a few weeks ago.

It has been a really tiring and trying calving season so far!

I am really getting tired of fighting the mud....and my body is feeling the impact of all this mud! Once the cows calve in the lot we have them in, we move the cow/calf onto grass in the pasture (which means having to handle every calf that is born).

Here we are moving a pair to the pasture.

Chad built a calf carrier for the back of the 4-wheeler.
Here is one of the calves on the carrier.

Chad has been stuck 3 times already this year....and I got stuck once.

MUD, MUD....everywhere!

We have about 85 calves so far....almost half done....YEAH!


Sharon said...

That is allow of MUD. I can see why you are tired.
We don't have a lot of trouble with mud in our area as it is more sandy.
Our driveway gets really slick with all of this rain. I hope that you will dry out soon.
It was nice to hear from you again.

Crystal said...

I know of what you speak! It's so wet in the fields here that no one has moved a wheel yet. The last of the snowbanks are lingering and there are ponds and sloughs everywhere. Good luck with the last half of calving. ((( HUGS )))

Midlife Mom said...

I hate mud! I tried to mow the lawn this afternoon and hit some pretty deep mud. Thankfully didn't get stuck this time! ha!

Tracy said...

That's alot of calves and ALOT of mud. Wowza!!