Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Work

We are finally in the field and getting some of the crops in!

Please pray for some much needed sunshine! It has been a trying spring with all the moisture and mud and now the rain that keeps coming.

So far I have pulled Chad out 5 times this spring.
I have not had to pull him out in the field yet but where the silage and hay piles were that he fed from all winter and spring....he keeps trying to dig it to dry it out but just keeps getting stuck.
I just hope #5 was the last time for the year and that Mr. Sunshine comes out and dries everything out.


Marie said...

Wow! You could send us some of that rain!
Marie in NC

Midlife Mom said...

I was stuck yesterday too so I know what you mean about MUD! The Hubs and my Dad had to pull me out. Hope you get some sunshine soon!!!! Stop by and say howdy, I've missed you.