Sunday, May 15, 2011


One word describes how I have been lately....EXHAUSTED!!!

We are trying to get the crops in right now which has been mentally and physically exhausting. We get a few good days of planting and then a few days of rain. Between loading the seed tender, helping to load the planter with seed and liquid fertilizer, running equipment back and forth to the fields, running after chemicals etc., I am trying to take care of the livestock. We are almost done with the calving, which will be a relief this year with all the mud and rain we have had!!!!

Jeremy, Courtney and I have been trying to get the pastures fenced and ready to move cows to. I even hired a few of the kids' friends to come help with that project. With all the snow we had this winter, we have lots of fences down and lots of repairs that needed to be done. Chad has helped on the rainy days when he is not able to be in the field. We have got most of the pastures ready, one more to work on and will start moving cows out tomorrow.

Our pigs are butcher size right now so we have been taking loads of them out as well and getting the hog barns ready to be washed. Jeremy has spent several days washing the barns this week and will wash the last one this coming week as we empty the last barn out at 5am tomorrow.

The garden is not planted yet, am hoping to maybe get that in this week sometime.

And....the yeah, is a disaster right now, but that is the least of my worries.


April said...

You have been super busy! Hope you get to relax soon. :)

SAH in Suburbia said...

That's A LOT going on. Don't forget to soak in a bubble bath every once in a while!

Crystal said...

This is an intense season on the farm, isn't it? We are walking fences and fertilizing and watering in the greenhouse and hoping to plant the garden this week and, and, and, !!!!! Take care - work safely - marvel in the miracle of growing!

rosie said...

You poor girl, you need a holiday!! We have had a very wet summer, with green feed all summer. Normally we don't get any rain from October through to around April. But we don't get snow or freezing cold like you guys do. I hope you get a break soon..

Rising Rainbow said...

Just ready all this makes me tired. We have mud still here and lots of spring clean up to do too.