Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hay Season

Last week we finished our first cutting of hay! 
It is all cut, raked, baled and hauled!
My hubby Chad and son Jeremy did the cutting this time, Jeremy and I did the raking,
Chad did the baling and Chad and I hauled it.
 Chad baling.
 Chad dropping a bale.

The semi I drive to haul the hay.
We got the hay put up just in time! 
Summer storms hit last week right after we got done.
Next on the agenda.....
Fixing fences from the storm damage, hauling some of last years grain from the bins to town and spraying.

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Leah said...

thanks for visiting - I am catching up on your posts.... Your daughter and you are so cute! And have so much fun! Looks like you are busy with "farm life"....